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2019 November Newsletter

- Friday, November 08, 2019
We have taken over the agency for these two prestigious quality brands from Europe.
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Evalution Flooring Achieves Another Green First for South Africa

- Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Evalution Flooring has embarked on the first phase of a sustainability project that will be the first of its kind in South Africa and will enable zero waste in the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring arena. As part of its quest to curb its carbon footprint, the GreenTag Certified vinyl flooring supplier has teamed up with Recycle 4 Africa Waste Management (R4AWM) to recycle LVT offcuts and uplifts by transforming them into eco-bricks, pavers and potentially other re-usable products in the future.

Evalution Flooring founder, Eva Kaiser, says: Up until now there had not been a way to recycle the vinyl due to the many layers that make up the product. The first brick has been made completely out of recycled waste, including plastic that can’t currently be recycled and would have landed up in landfill. Unlike other eco-bricks, no sand or cement has been added. The brick has been tested and was found to have no leaching and no emissions. It also has a compressive strength of 15 MPa - higher than the average 5.2 MPa of concrete bricks. Plus, it is fire and rodent resistant. The product will soon be tested officially by the National Home Builders Registration Council to obtain certification for use in the building industry.

There’s plenty of LVT all around South Africa and we are currently working on how to logistically get all this material to a central point without adding to the carbon footprint. We are also exploring how to finance this massive project. While we might not be able to supply the market with eco-blocks just yet, the most important thing is that there is now a solution for directing LVT away from landfill.

Director of Waste Management at R4AWM, Debbie Sharp, adds: Long-term, it would be ideal for companies to combine their feedstock, and for R4AWM to provide them with containerised waste management units which house all the necessary equipment to process LVT waste and enable them to manufacture the eco-bricks on site. By providing companies with this technology, we hope to minimise all facets of waste, and divert it from landfill sites.

It is through such thinking that the industry is inspired to think innovatively about how it uses waste differently and gainfully, says Grahame Cruickshanks Managing Executive: Market Engagement at Green Building Council South Africa.

Kaiser shares that Evalution Flooring is working hard towards the sustainability of its LVT flooring over its entire life cycle. We have the first - and currently the only - GreenTag Certified LVT flooring products in South Africa in both our Amtico and mFlor ranges. Our Amtico Spacia and Amtico Spacia Acoustic flooring products have achieved a Level B rating, while the Amtico First, mFlor 25-05 and mFlor 20-03 LVTs have achieved Level C status. What this means is that Level B Certification will achieve 85% of the points required by the Green Building Council for a Green Star Rating for internal finishes, while Level C Certification will achieve 75%. GreenTag Certification is important as the process involves the entire supply chain from the ingredients to the final product, including all sustainable practices throughout the production process.

Over the past eleven years, Green Building Council South Africa has been on a sustainability journey to advance the transformation of the South African built environment and construction sectors and it is encouraging to mark this Green Star Rating for internal finishes with Evalution Flooring, adds Cruickshanks.

This is a break-through! We are so excited to be introducing this new way of recycling LVTs. Although the project is in its infancy and much still needs to be done, we are confident it can be achieved, concludes Kaiser.

For more information about R4AWM please visit their Website


Taking Steps Towards a Greener Future

- Friday, June 01, 2018


Leading the way in luxury flooring, Cape Town-based Evalution Flooring, which prioritises the environment without sacrificing on style, is the first and only company in Africa to have achieved Global GreenTag certification on 3 ranges of their innovative vinyl tiles.

The Global GreenTag is one of the most robust and widely recognised ecolabels in the world, trusted by thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments. In particular, the GBCSA in South Africa, of which Evalution Flooring is a member.

Evalution Flooring founder, Eva Kaiser says, “The recent international recognition, and corresponding GreenTag Certification, of our Amtico LVT Flooring products – AMTICO FIRST, AMTICO SPACIA and AMTICO SPACIA Acoustic – is tremendous validation for the brand and our future in the green building arena.”

“Over the last 10 to 15 years, there has been a growing focus on green building due to greater awareness of the impact of unsustainable practices and the carbon emissions of the global building sector. SA already has 380 certified green buildings – a number which keeps expanding year-on-year,” she explains.

For over a decade, Evalution Flooring has serviced the corporate, commercial and residential markets, building on its reputation of delivering quality tiles, vinyl and mosaics.

The GreenTag certified Amtico First wood-look luxury vinyl tiles – suitable for residential and light commercial use – has a 0.3mm wear layer and offers an alternative to wooden flooring and various looks of ceramic and porcelain tiles which are available in 54 designs ranging from wood, stone and abstract looks.

One of Evalution’s largest collections, comprising 104 designs and 29 new products to choose from, the certified AMTICO SPACIA and AMTICO SPACIA Acoustic vinyl tiles are suitable for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial buildings. The range also includes various concrete, abstract and stone-look luxury vinyl tiles which offer a modern alternative to more conventional porcelain and ceramics. By adding the 1mm Acoustic backing to the Spacia range, this vinyl offers comfort underfoot and sound impact reduction of up to 18dB which is the perfect alternative to carpets.

Eva says, “As the only commercial seller of the GreenTag certified products, we are now the supplier of choice for South African, and African, businesses looking to boost their green status.”

“We believe that every business can do their bit to help save the planet and it can be as simple as choosing the right partners when embarking on a green building journey,” she concludes.